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  Kui Mun Card - ONE CENT per MINUTE - CThai Special Rate! Very Special RATE, cheap and good quality.

call to Thailand with cheap rate
Call From USA To
1.00  ¢/min.
33  Hrs. 33 mins. / $20
  Other Province
1.00  ¢/min.
33  Hrs. 33 mins. / $20
  Mobile Phone
1.00  ¢/min.
33  Hrs. 33 mins. / $20
1.49 ¢/min.
22 Hrs. 22 mins. / $20
7.95 ¢/min.
4 Hrs. 12 mins. / $20
4.95 ¢/min.
6 Hrs. 44 mins. / $20
18.9 ¢/min.
1 Hrs. 46 mins. / $20
** Local access rate
** 1 800 access plus 2 ¢/min.
  Promotion Expired
** Important : PIN must be 5 digits numbers more. For your own security purpose, we do not allow easy to guess PIN no., such as 22222 or 12345
  How to call?

1.  Dial 1-800-903-7914  or 1-800-903-7909

      Pay Phone : Dial  Local Access

      - For "English Language" Dial to toll free access. 1-800-903-7914
      - For "Thai Language" Dial to toll free access. 1-800-903-7909

2.  Enter Pin number xxx-xxx-xxxx + #

3.  Enter your destination number

      - For call in the U.S. and Canada :
               Press 1 + Area Code + Phone number
      - For international call :
               Press 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone number

** To place another call Don't hang up. Press # twice and follow Instructions.
** If you make a mistake at anytime, Pass * and follow Instructions.

  • Canada and Hawaii residents will be charged 2 ¢ more per min.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico,Alaska, Saipan,and Guam residents will be charged 6 ¢ more per min.
  • No charge for home phone, Public payphone charge 69 ¢ per call
  • For the first time buying, the customer need to get approved all information by one of our representatives.
  • If customers pay by credit card, we reserved the right to verify the customer credit card information by case depend on each customers
  • The customers will get PIN code immediately, when the customers credit card get approved.
  • The card will be non-refundable, after you have used the card. Please keep the PIN code confidential for your own responsibility
 Score of this card
 Sound quality to Bangkok
 Sound quality to Other provinces
 Sound quality to Cell phone
 Easy to connect
 Price to Bangkok
 Price to Cell Phone
 Price to Other Provinces
**5 = excellent,4 = very good,3 = good,2 = fair,1 = poor
Scored by customers' feedbacks and Cthai analysis
  Card Details >>
3 minutes rounding
99 Cent will charge semi-monthly
Minute price plus 15% tax
2 ¢/min. will be applied for 1800 access
Expired 90 days after the first use.
Low rate for domestic calls
No shipping charge
Online Rechargeable anytime
Choose your own pin number
Return customer will get PIN immediately
  on the web
Toll Free number 24 hours customer
Low rates 24 hours. No need to wait for
happy hours
Available for calling from 48 states,Hawaii
and Canada, Alaska rate are higher.
A 50-cent fee applied when using 1800
  access from payphone
Rates are subject to change without prior

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